University of Maryland

Spring 2019, ENGL290.

As it says on the tin: an introduction to digital studies in the humanities. How do we analyze digital objects and cultures, from computer code, to video games, to social media, to electronic waste, and more. The course combines the traditional analytical tools of the humanities with a range of creative and technical practices. Link.

Fall 2018, Fall 2019, ENGL101.

College composition. Everyone teaches it. Everyone has a version of it. This one is mine. Link.

Smith College

January 2016.

A week-long course exploring the media history, materiality, and infrastructures of digital and network technologies, in particular how the digital humanities and media studies might theorize and respond practically to climate upheaval and the idea of the 'apocalypse' more generally. Link.

January 2015.

A self-consciously brief week-long course introducing students to electronic literature and internet art. I ran this in conjunction with my E.LIT / NET.ART installation series. Link.


Curating Your Digital Presence

Regularly throughout AYs 2017–19.

A workshop co-led with Setsuko Yokoyama that introduces graduate students (and anyone else interested at the university) to the ins and outs of developing a digital presence, from best practices for social media to designing and running your own personal website.

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