Hi, I’m Jeffrey Moro.

I’m a PhD candidate in English with a certificate in Digital Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. My research is at the crossroads of digital media studies and the environmental humanities. Some keywords include: media archaeology, infrastructure, computer security, speculation, affect and aesthetics, biopolitics, media materialism, weather forecasting, nuclear cultures. I’m in the preliminary stages of a dissertation tentatively titled “Atmospheric Media,”1 which investigates how digital media produce and depend on atmospheres in the doubled sense—both gaseous vapors and aesthetic surrounds.

Past lives include: site manager for Romantic Circles, post-baccalaureate resident for Five College Digital Humanities, and degrees in English and Theater & Dance from Amherst College.

On this corner of the Internet, you can see some of my work, check out my CV, or read some blog posts. Though if you’d rather look at a picture of my cat, I couldn’t blame you.

  1. So much hedging! 

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