Hi, I’m Jeffrey Moro.

I’m a PhD candidate in English with a certificate in Digital Studies at the University of Maryland. Right now, I’m also the Winnemore Digital Humanities Dissertation Fellow at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

My research bridges media studies, digital humanities, and the environmental humanities to study how media technologies facilitate our understanding of the natural world. I’m writing a dissertation titled “Atmospheric Media: Computation and the Environmental Imagination,” which explores how artists, technologists, and critics imagine digital media in terms of atmospheres, both literal and otherwise—and how these media encourage us to imagine the air itself as a computer, one that we might program even as it programs us.1 My writing has appeared or will soon appear in Amodern, Media Fields, Qui Parle, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.

I teach courses in digital media studies, film studies, and writing composition. I’m also available for consultations on a range of digital humanities projects. Before graduate school, I worked as a post-baccalaureate resident with Five College Digital Humanities and received degrees in English and Theater & Dance from Amherst College.

On this corner of the internet, you can see some of my work, check out my CV, take a closer look at the courses I teach, or read some blog posts. Though if you’d rather look at a picture of my cat, I really couldn’t blame you.

  1. Or, as I like to say at parties: “it’s about how we use computers to imagine the air as a computer.” 

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