“The end of the world has already occurred...”

“The end of the world has already occurred,” writes philosopher Timothy Morton in Hyperobjects, his investigation of media theory and climate change. In this claim, Morton synthesizes contemporary anxieties around the ongoing tenability of industrial capitalism and the fractured relationships between technology, climate, and humankind. This week-long course takes Morton’s ideas as a starting point for exploring the media history, materiality, and infrastructures of digital and network technologies, and interrogates how the digital humanities and media studies might theorize and respond practically to climate upheaval.

Timothy Morton makes a second appearance on my blog as I put together my new week-long course Media Archaeology, Climate Change, & the Digital (Non)humanities, which I’ll teach this January at Smith and Amherst Colleges. Go take a look at the course website and register if you’re interested in spending a week with me talking about the future of the digital humanities and literal garbage!

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